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[Home Movies: Medicus collection: New York World's Fair, 1939-40] (Reel 3)

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[Home Movies: Medicus collection: New York World's Fair, 1939-40] (Reel 3)

Published 1939

05:00:45:21 - 06:02:24:00 color silent 1939-40
World's Fairs: New York, 1939-40; Amateur films. Detailed documentation of the "World of Tomorrow" in beautiful Kodachrome. Foreign Section and Transportation Area. Historical pageant on history of railroads, transportation.

05:00:45:21 - 05:04:27:29 color silent 1939-40
Title: Foreign Section and Transportation Area. VS International pavilions
in daytime. Flags waving outside buildings - The Congo, Belgium. Lagoon of Nations. People walking past fountains. VS fountains and Trylon & Perisphere in BG. International flags along lagoon. British pavilion. Buildings for Iceland, the Netherlands. VS Greece pavilion - murals, Greek writing. Honduras flag. Roman statue of man missing arm.

05:04:28:00 - 05:06:55:20 color silent 1939-40
Excellent VS USSR building. VS statue of the Russian worker (called "Big Joe" by Fairgoers) holding star atop red marble pylon base. Good shot of statue of Soviet workers bearing flag w/ Russian flag waving in BG. Visitors walking & posing for photos in courtyard of USSR building. VS Russian mural of happy Soviet citizens w/ sardonic caption - "Everybody smiles in Russia as you can see from the picture." Model of proposed Moscow monument, visitors walking past. Soviet produced automobile on display. Soviet Arctic pavilion. WS airplane mounted outside.

05:06:55:21 - 05:08:02:09 color silent 1939-40
Czechoslovakian pavilion. Woman in traditional Czech costume walks past sign, noting pavilion "unfinished" and maintained by the Republic's friends in the US. (Germany had occupied the country). Shot through parabolic mirror inside Czech pavilion. Visitors in silhouette looking at stained glass window with illustrations of Czech progress. CU panels of stained glass.

05:08:02:10 - 05:09:04:11 color silent 1939-40
Japanese pavilion. Sign for building hours. WS schoolchildren gathered outside building - Shinto temple. WS pavilion TU statue of figure on roof. Japanese garden with pond, footbridge.

05:09:04:12 - 05:09:57:04 color silent 1939-40
VS international pavilions. Ireland pavilion w/ female statue. Norway - two flags waving. Waitresses serving food at outdoor tables. Canada. Argentina.

05:09:57:05 - 05:10:38:29 color silent 1939-40
VS Pan American Union. International flags in front of building.
Republic of Cuba building.

05:10:39:00 - 05:12:26:29 color silent 1939-40
WS Federal Building, Lagoon of Nations. VS outside facade with US flags. Reception room where King & Queen of England were received. Busts of American presidents on display - Lincoln, Washington. View from reception room window of Trylon and Perisphere in misty light.

05:12:27:00 - 05:13:44:14 color silent 1939-40
Boy Scouts - "guests of the Fair." Scout troops in uniform standing in rows outside pavilion. TD sign for Boy Scout Service Camp with hours for visitors. Scouts walking below. Teepees and flags with scouting insignia. Model bridges made by Scouts.

05:13:44:15 - 05:16:28:14 color silent 1939-40
People walking in plaza past facade of building with statues below flags. TD Peruvian flag to Peru building. Mayan style relief panel on building. Switzerland pavilion with shield & white cross national insignia. Swiss Gardens. VS people eating at tables w/ awnings, surrounded by foliage. Musicians - violin player and accordionist performing. VS Netherlands pavilion. Poland pavilion with tower. Large Polish restaurant.

05:16:28:15 - 05:18:21:16 color silent 1939-40
Venezuela pavilion. VS empty restaurant tables and gardens. CU sign listing Venezuelan products - oil, pearls, fruit, cocoa, coffee. VS Venezuelan mahogany sculptures. Photos of landscapes on display beside regional sculptures from those areas on podiums. Wrapped box of chocolates made from cocoa. Coffee harvesting display.

05:18:21:17 - 05:19:41:12 color silent 1939-40
Portugal pavilion. VS statues, artwork, religious sculptures. Replica of Dighton rock where Miguel Corte Real landed in Taunton River, MA one century before Pilgrim colonization.

05:19:41:13 - 05:22:39:14 color silent 1939-40
League of Nations. TU visitors entering pavilion to flags in rotunda on roof.
Chile building w/ flag waving. Mural with panels of country. View from Chilean building. Automobile on display outdoors. Sign: "Three Chileans drove this car from Calera, Chile to the NY World's Fair, 12,000 miles in eight months." Italy pavilion. WS tower and flowing water. Statue and plaque at Marconi memorial. VS water flowing in fountains. PAN stone relief carvings on wall.

05:22:39:15 - 05:23:33:07 color silent 1939-40
Brazil. United States of Brazil building. VS lily pads and tropical flowers on pond. View from Brazil building of other national buildings.

05:23:33:08 - 05:25:38:04 color silent 1939-40
CU Australia map, Great Britain pavilions. VS British pavilion - golden lion statues on steps. Plaque honoring British Empire. Waving British Union Jack flags. Painting of British royal scene - King George, Queen Elizabeth. Coldstream guards brass band performing.

05:25:38:05 - 05:29:40:14 color silent 1939-40
CU French flag waving. VS French pavilion. Pedestrians walking in front. View of Lagoon of Nations, pedestrians from inside. Statues in silhouette by windows. Dim French artwork. Caption: "French surrealism in furs." VS male figurine mounted on horseback wearing fur stole. Female figurines. Stained glass religious profile. Busts of female heads on display, lit from below. VS Decorative display windows of French perfume bottles.

05:29:40:15 - 05:31:56:24 color silent 1939-40
Caption: "A day in the transportation area." Visitors passing through turnstiles. WS people walking in plaza with company flags, Ford Building in BG. VS EXT Chrysler Building. Tram running on roadway. Aviation building. People posing by airplane mounted outdoors. WS people walking on path to Maritime Building - unique design w/ entrance flanked by ship bows.

05:31:56:25 - 05:33:49:26 color silent 1939-40
TU Firestone building. Farm and painted backdrop w/ sign on barn: "Firestone put the farm on rubber." Tractors, farm equipment. VS birds, livestock, sheep walking next to silo filler vehicle. Goat lying by tractor tire. Ducks in pond. Farmer opening gate, entering barn. Cow and chickens.

05:33:49:27 - 05:35:01:19 color silent 1939-40
Ford building. PAN past cars driving on elevated concourse ("Road of Tomorrow") to Trylon and Perisphere. CU metal art deco Ford Mercury figurehead on front of building (like large hood ornament w/ winged helmet)TD from Ford, Mercury flags to cars driving on Road of Tomorrow. signal light

05:35:01:20 - 05:37:16:27 color silent 1939-40
Ferde Grofe conducting New World Ensemble. Audience watching. VS Farmer driving tractor, tilling soil w/ Trylon & Perisphere in BG. Good HA group of well-dressed schoolchildren walking and carrying books.

05:37:16:28 - 05:40:47:14 color silent 1939-40
Caption: "The Highspot of the Fair: The Futurama." VS PAN over Futurama model diorama of American landscape connected by super highways, etc. Mountain ranges, lakes, modern cities.

05:40:47:15 - 05:44:11:01 color silent 1939-40
General Motors building EXT. Train, ship, railroad photos. VS "Jimmie Lynch" racecars racing on track past clown stuntman, tilting over ramp. Driver stepping out of car, waving towel to crowd. Clown riding on front of car, waving hat to crowd.

05:44:11:02 - 05:47:34:27 color silent 1939-40
VS Railroad Building (biggest at Fair) surrounded by flags, people. Industry statue. CU sign for "The Locomotive of Tomorrow." Streamlined locomotive on display outdoors. Wheels turning in place on track. People walk between freight trains, box cars. Lehigh Valley, etc. People boarding Coronation Scot train. Pullman sign, train on display. Sign for the "famous Nova Scotia Bridal Coach," claiming that any woman who sits in the coach for five minutes without speaking will be wed within year. Male barker with cane luring people toward coach. Woman ringing bell.

05:47:34:28 - 05:56:02:06 color silent 1939-40
VS outdoor musical performance on history of transportation, railroads. Actors in Roman centurion costumes marching. Pioneers walking behind oxen driven wagon. Early steam engine. Horsedrawn carriage carrying people in 19th century costume. Marching bands, processions. Reenactment of 1830 unveiling of first American steam locomotive to operate on commercial railroad - "Tom Thumb" on Baltimore & Ohio RR. Actor playing inventor Peter Cooper speaks to crowd, then starts engine. Early train pulling carriages with passengers. Hudson River RR train moving as female dancers in patriotic flag dresses perform in FG. Reenactment of Abraham & Mary Lincoln boarding railroad. Line of Black men, women and children (as freed slaves) walking. Union soldiers on horseback (Civil War era) carrying US flags. Ceremony with two steam engines separating. Couples dancing. Recreation of modern Grand Central-like terminal w/ bustling passengers, clock & information desk. Marching band. Pullman train w/ cross-sections removed & passengers visible. Singing porters, railroad workers swinging hammers in unison. Conductors in uniform, women in bonnets and dresses. Female dancers in strange art deco hats ushering in locomotive of tomorrow.

05:56:02:07 - 06:02:24:00 color silent 1939-40
Budd Exhibit. Water fountain metal sculpture. VS fireworks & Calder fountains on display at night.

Producer Medicus, Phillip
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 6, 2012
Subject: SPARTANS! Bring me your trains!
According to the earlier transfer, this is reel 4. But.. I dunno! Anyways, here's my rundown of the complete reel! It's huge!

Were going around the world in this volume, stopping at some rather curious places, and totally ignoring others! So lets GO!!

We start off at um, a unknown country. Im not going to look up their flag (green with orange star), Their pavilion looks ok. Then we see another flag.. No Idea what it is.. Germany? Italy? Iraq? Then the camera scrolls down, and its the Belgium pavillion. Oh. Their building looks ugly. Next we look across and see a rather large building with a rather larger statue.. What could that be? We dont find out (yet). We then go to another non descripit building. No Idea what it is, lots of flags out in front though.. hmm.. We then go to the amusingly named Lagoon of Nations And this thing is HUGE. We see some of the buildings next to the lagoon Hmm theres that building with the big statue The lagoon also has some SERIOUS fountains. I would say maybe 30 feet high. Whoa, Its got some nice statues too. Too bad its so cloudy though Didnt we see the other side of this on a previous reel? Again we see the nondescripit building with flags.. And from there, we hustle from country to country.. First.. Iceland! Somewhat blah building.. Next, Denmark! Next, Netherlands! Ohhh, now I get it, the nondescript building is holding 5-6 pavillions (to save money?) Next, we go to a building with a foreign enscription of what the country is.. I thought it was Egypt.. We see some of the murals on the side, then go around the side, another sort of mural is there, and the country name, Greece. Oh. Theres a nice faux David statue there too. We AGAIN look across the lagoon to see that mysterious building with the really large statue.. Finally, we get to the building, That statue is at LEAST 50 feet in the air, maybe (probably) more, then by seeing the flag, and the obvious way the statue has been constructed, we find out, and we marvel at Russias building. Man, now THATS a building. A lot of other people think so too, judging by the crowds! Theyve got another great statue at their entrance too. The next caption cracked me up Everyone smiles In Russia, as you can see in this picture. And sure enough, its a typical Russian painting of lots of people, going forth, no doubt, down the glorious road of Communism. We then see a proposed Moscow monument. I dont think this was ever built, but this looks HUGE. From there we see a Russian built car. Yes, just one car. Not too sure what model this was. Are those actual Russian guards looking inside? We then see the sign for, but never actually go into, the Soviet Arctic pavilion. After that, we see one big honker of a Russian plane. Wow! The wing span on this was huge! Interesting how it was being held by a small pedestal it looks like. After that, we go to the big sign of the Czecho-slovakia pavilion where we check out a Czech parabolic mirror, whatever that is. We then see a stained glass window depicting Czech progress. Yawn. Next! We then, very ironically you understand, go to the Japanese pavilion. You do realize of course, this is 1939, in 2 years, they were going to be Americas sworn enemy right? But ahhh thats two years from now1 Right now you can, but only til 10a to 10p, go into the gardens, houses, and buildings.. Hilariously. The big Russian statue is sticking out from one of the buildings. From there, we see Irelands building, with the curiously inappropriate statue that is screaming, Look at my boobs! It LOOOKS huge, but if you look closely, it really isnt. Off to Norway next.Curiously, their flags are severely tattered. Not too sure whats up with that. In the distance, we can see SOMETHING going on in their building, but its too far to really get a look (it looks like theyre tanning hides). Then in a bit that annoyed me to bits, we see Canadas building in the distance, but dont bother getting a closer look. Humph, same to you Medicus. Off to Argentina next, again, nice logo on the front Whoops! Thats all you get there.. off we go to a building, loads of flags on it.. not too sure of what this is.. Oh there we are.. The Pan American Union! No, I dont think its the union of the extinct airways.. I believe it was for the South American countries! Oops! Thats that.. Off we go to the Outside of the Cuba exhibit. Lots of flags, Big and impressive. We then see a sculpture, not too sure of what it is.. Then, we see a building in the distance.. Not too sure what it is.. But I have a hunch.. Ahh yes! See I was right! The federal building! Its big and huge, but it looks ugly and too industrial. Weird looking sculptures on the side.. Are they supposed to be Indians? We then go in, where, again rather amusingly and ironically, it was said where The king and Queen of England were Received. The hall itself is no big shake. We see some busts of some presidents, but thats about it. We take a look at the symbols of the fair from inside the American building, then we hike over to the Boy Scouts section. The boys, like the Army, had a detachment here at all times apparently. They did marching exercises that again, noone seemed to care about, Do a rather discouraging changing of the guard, and lived in teepees! Also, they appear to have had a circus tent.. Some of them appear to be too talented, as we see some models of bridges theyre working on. Back to, I think, the big building with lots of countries in them. And then we see the outside of the unremarkable-looking Peru building. We see another building, not to sure where this is from, has a strange red square on front. After that. We see the Swiss pavilion and their gardens, The Medicuses go here to eat. I guess their service isnt that great, you can see the Medicus woman drumming her hands on the table. But at least theres a smiling band, complete with accordionist to keep them company! We then go to the Netherlands Impressive Building next.. Hmmm, didnt we already pass the Netherlands building? Im confused. From the outside, it doesnt look impressive to me. A lot of art, some statues, fairly blah building to me. We then see a curious walkupway to a curious looking building that has the most curious looking entrance, Rather odd looking, we then find out its Poland, and then I said, 10 points for originality for them! Good looking Im going to kill you now statue there too. Curious looking Polish restaurant. It looks huge, but it really isnt. From there, we go to, what I consider to be, the best designed building in this reel. Venezuela! Look at those angles of the roof! We go behind the V and see some gardens. We then see a sign explaining what the countrys top economies are, and then we are shown a statue of each made from mahogany, which is native to Venezuela. Neat! After visiting a outdoor restaurant, We briefly see some of the Venezuelan displays, Is that a heart box of chocolate? After that, we go to another nicely thought of pavilion, Portugal1 Theres look like a castle! We see some of the statues in their garden, See a replica of a stone that the first Portuguese emigrants stepped on when they came to America. I guess this sign meant a lot to some people, as some letters are missing.. We also see some murals some are about leisure activities. Then, we finally get to the League of Nations display, I like the whole Flags trapped in the cage motif on the roof.. Then, we go to Chile!! God. Now THAT is an ugly building. Why did they raise it off the ground like that? Eeek. The inside, curiously, looks like the General Electric building. Nice working mans mural though. Again, we take a peek outside the windows, nothing remarkable. Except to say we can STILL see the Russian building. We then see a car that was said to have driven all the way from Chile to here by some Chileans. Yeah yeah.. How did they get BACK? From there, Oh MY. Its the Italy pavillions fountain1 Easily one of the most beautiful things in the fair. Again, its huge. We see many shots of it.. from the side, looking out through a window at it, etc. Its also got a statue of Marconi to supplement it. We then see a nice little sculpture work. Then we go the the Brazil pavilion, its quite big. With ponds complete with lilypads, Next we go to the Brazillian site, we see off to the distance where, yes, we can STILL see the Russian sculpture. Actually, theres lots of what weve seen before. Next, off to Australias pavilion, its actually quite dull looking, Next, off to the British Pavillion! Theyve got two honkin big flags, and two honkin big tigers leading to it. Cute little kid sitting there though. We then see an indentified building.. maybe its the same building? Anyways, we see a rather amusing portrait, it looks like it has all the kings and queens of England on it. Then we see the Coldstream Guards perform, but, once again, theres noone around to see them perform. We then go to the France pavilion, they too have a honkin big flag, and a nice pavilion. Theyve got lots of art and statues too. We then, once again go inside and look outside, where, yes, the Russian statue can still be seen. They then show some relief portraits. All the sculptures have fur on. Not too sure what thats about. We also see some stained glass, and what looks to be some perfume you can buy at France..
We finally leave the world pavilions, and go to the transportation area. This looks to be a separate area which you had to pay to get in, The Medicuses are seen entering a gate, so Im assuming thats what this was. We then enter.. please ignore the guy handing out sheets.. The first building we stop at is Chrysler, very nice looking building here. We then walk a little ways to a massive hangar.. Were talking hyuge here.. Not too sure who owned this. We then naturally see some planes here. Woo flashing lights! We then see a fountain and then go on the thoroughfare to an unidentified building, this is actually quite nice, blue and white wings.. with a fountain at the end of it. Then off to Firestone. Again, nice building here. Tires are being made here! We then take a boring tour of a Firestone farm where they, yes, use Firestone products. Again, this is much like the nudist colony and the midget colony.. Eg, Look at the man!! Hes got chickens, a cow etc. This is somewhat exploitive! The off to Ford! Nice building here.. Also I like the flags, rather weird advertising here Theyve got a awfully strange looking sculpture adorning the entrance.. Oh, and they have a driving ride! Weee! That looked cool! A lot of people seem to agree, look at the lines! And theres a sculpture of an axle in the middle of it! We then go the New World Ensemble conducted by Ferde Grofe Who is THAT? Apparently some Classical musician. It appears his schtick was performing with 4 separate pianists. Sort of like the guy from Anchors Aweigh. Anyways, hes more then happy to pose for the camera after the performance. Not that he has any fans or anything.. Then we see what appears to be a plowing demonstration. Then we go to what everyone thought was the cats pyjamas of the fair, the Futurama ride. MASSIVE crowds in line for this one. Like HUGE. About the Futurama itself. I guess you had to be there, because the whole thing looked sort of flat and uninspired.. Sure the moving vehicles were enatr, but dont you find this flat and uninspired?? Anyways.. After that (and that saves up 10 mins for me!) we go to the overpasses that were talked about in a film I saw.. I cant remember. We then are introduced to a train that brings us to the GM exhibit. Nice dioramas here.. Then we see an unidentified building, and then we go to a car stunt show. I know I saw a film about these cars in a film on here as well.. The show is sort of uneventful, light wheelies, sudden turns, etc. Silly Clown! Then the driver comes out and waves his hankie around!Then onto the "Railroads" exhibit! Nice building with an impressive painting in front! We see the "Locomotive of Tomorrow" where I've seen in a few ads... Nothing like that ever came to be, did it? Many trains are on display here actually.. And many people going in and out of them! Trains were very serious back then! Then off to Railroads on Parade! It's a live stage show!... Is it? Why are Spartans in it?? Ohhh I see, it's a "How we travelled through time" thing. Man, this seems to be have been amazing. It IS amazing! My god, the amount of people, and the animals, and yes, the TRAINS (including the train of tomorrow!) all in this show must have been a time and a half to put together! Just incredible.. Awww Medicus, you should have ended it there.. Ok, the Rudd art exhibits ARE kind of cool, and then it ends.. with fireworks! Meh... So, all over the place! This is a MUST SEE on this site!
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